Monday, March 24, 2014

Dj C-live "We Stay Winning" DL + Lyrics

Released last week Thursday this single has trended & seen over 9k downloads and counting... Thank you for your support. Below are the lyrics to the song... "Now we sing!" #WeStayWinning

The chorus:


Look at me and look at you/tell me what you see/baby tell em this is where you really wanna be/I be smiling /smiling like I don't really want the beef ain't nothing you can do to me I got my whole family/come through/come see just how I live/ I used to dream about this ish/ back at my mama crib /come through / come see just how I live/ I used to dream about this at my mama crib now we sing/

Kapital K

1st Verse:

-Back at my momma's crib i was dealing with politics
-Planning and plotting 'bout how im gonna get out of this
-Sneaking my lady in tryna get on a power trip
-brain was so amazing she shudda been on a scholarship
-we in the building you see the way that we living
-we made a killin' off nothing that we were given
-So, in my position you'd probly call me a bully
-and start taking shots at the kid but i aint khuli (braaaaat)

2nd Verse:

-Accustomed to living life like a royal prince
-gold on my body incase you aint convinced
-luxury taste she got a diamond tongue
-its funny what all this money made us become
-richer than the average, funny how we managed
-to overcome all the baggage and use it to our advantage
-so this is for the elders and shoutout to my helpers 
-and everybody's who's winnin', AINT NOTHING YOU CAN TELL US BWOI

We Stay Winning Download

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Check this out, Starvation in the building! Remember them from the single I dropped featuring Reason "Reason 2 Starve" (#1 on 5fm's The Stir-up)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dj C-live - The Manifesto (Amended Version) New tracks added

Get the latest mix from C-live, hot tunes all the way!

1. The Rockmob Feat. Young Thug - This Summer
2. Dj Speedsta - Hangout Kid X, Riky Rick & Psyfo
3. Young Thug - Stoner
4. Dj Dimples Ft Ma-E, RedButton - The Wanna Know
5. Priddy Ugly Ft Smashis - For My Town
6. CashOut - Pull Up
7. Buffalo Souljah ft Eindo , Blayze , Turas - Turn Up
8. Future - Club On Smash
9. Young Breed Feat. Rick Ross & Fat Trel - Game Over
10. Drake - Trophies
11. Schoolboy Q - Break The Bank
12. Danny Brown - Red 2 Go
13. Kay Dee - So High
14. Nipsey Hustle - Hustle In The House
15. Ricky Rick - Amantombazane Ft OkMalumKoolKat
16. YG - Who Do You Love Ft Drake
17. Tinashe - 2 On Ft Schoolboy Q

DL ----> The Manifesto